The Amazing Cat Who Has Better Vacations Than You (10 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

A 2-year-old Siberian cat, currently living in California with his hoomins, enjoys traveling more than you’d expect for a kitty. In fact, he enjoys it so much that his Instagram might make you jealous!
β€œHe is an indoor only cat with the exception of leash time,” said his humans. β€œWe started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks. He loves it! He still gets the outdoor experience and we get to share in all of his adventures!”
β€œHe loves his leash! As soon as we pick it up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on. He is a travel bug.” So far he has visited 2 countries and 8 states. Gandalf’s owners are planning to move to New Zealand in 2016. The adventure is just beginning!

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