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I want to Norway (20 Photos)

The land of fjords, ice caps and polar auroras, Norway, will appeal to all who want to relax in a herculean. Cold, impenetrable forests, the harsh northern climate – no wonder it was here that the legend of the Vikings and Valkyries.

Echoes of the rich history of the country are scattered all over its territory, but the main attraction of Norway – is its nature. Local fjords are among the most beautiful places on the planet – the silent water surface, exactly in exactly mirrors, rocks, height and shape of the breathtaking waterfalls, lighthouses – some natural wonders are replaced by others, and we just have to open your mouth with delight and surprise. Here, moreover, it is often possible to observe the stunning effect – the aurora borealis. And, of course, the tiny Norwegian village that are spread across the country, with red like dollhouses and deer pastures.

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Moscow, 10 Christmas photos

Photographer Christine Makeyeva managed to show the real magic of the streets of Moscow. January 7, Christina spent Christmas Eve is not in the church, and among the stunning light installations in the city center.
Each image Christina – a bold vivid style, which is very organically combines sharp lines, the constant movement of people, blizzards and defocused festive elements of the city. The girl was able to capture the magic of the winter now!

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10 of the coldest places on earth

At the end of last year, many of us yearned for winter and snow. But it is unlikely anyone would want that this winter was similar to the winter in those parts of the earth, where the really cold. I suggest you find a list of places to measure the temperature at certain times do not even have a standard thermometer scale
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Ice Age in Crimea (9 Photos)

The magnificent spectacle. Since this all started. First frozen foam of the sea, and then on the fly spray, followed frosted cliffs and beach – step by step, the ice begins to approach the sea. The battle of the elements. One wins the other. To eventually fall on the mercy of his former victim …Watch as the sea begins to freeze, the argument is not for everyone. Believe me, this is exciting! By the way, do you think, when the sea freezes, ice salt or fresh? In this post, in addition to the extraordinary picture and I’ll tell you about the sea ice …

Мороз в Херсонесе, январь 2016

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