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Beauty And NYC by Mar Shirasuna (30 Photos)

«Beauty And NYC» – this series of photos of Japanese photographer Mar Shirasuna, in the creation of which was attended by more than 50 models, agreed to pose on the edge of the roofs of New York’s skyscrapers. From the courage of some models, posing confidently dangerously close to the edge of the roof, it is simply breathtaking.


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Beautiful girl with her cats, which they sheltered (20 Photos)

You probably have heard the joke about the cat owner who called the strong and independent women from the fact that those guys supposedly prefer cats to forty of their home will be filled with cats, and they did not marry. Of course, all this is just a joke and the presence of the cat does not make you guys girls escape. Photographer Brianne Wills decided to show us a good-hearted women of New York, who sheltered homeless cats, making them members of their families.

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14 types of “American Beauty”

San Francisco-based photographer Carey Fruth has set out to redefine what ‘American beauty’ is with a photo series of the same name that has women of all body types posing in romantic beds of flower petals. Fruth was inspired by a racy scene from the 1999 movie of the same name in which Kevin Spacey fantasized about one of his daughter’s friends.
“By stepping into a fantasy dream girl world and by letting go of that fear, they free themselves up to direct that energy they once wasted on telling themselves that they weren’t good enough to elsewhere in their life,”

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Marilyn Monroe’s final photoshoot just three weeks before she died (8 Photos)

In just three weeks before her death Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe posing on the beach in Santa Monica July 13, 1962 for the famous photographer George Barris. Recent photos of Marilyn were to be used for the book Barris «Marilyn: her life in her own words», but the plan was scrapped after the tragic death of the actress in Los Angeles at age 36. In these frames the famous blonde frolicking in the waves and smiles radiantly. Rare and truly unique shots.

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