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Glamorous calendar with sexy girls WePhoto 2017 (13 Photos)

WePhoto – online community of photographers founded the Italian Mario Buncuga in March 2014. Several thousand members of this group are Web sites, magazines and make photo books, many of which are distributed in the network for free. This is the third year they prepare a few different naked calendars – one of them, Bos.so bring to your attention today. It is called Glamour, and is dedicated to female beauty or how it sees photographers WePhoto.

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Naked Calendar Tattoo Inferno 2017 (13 Photos)

German Tattoo Inferno magazine (which can be translated as “Hell Tattoo” or “tattooed hell”, or still something in this spirit) is dedicated to tattoos – mostly those who are on the bodies of girls, and not hidden under clothing. Those girls easily migrate from magazine pages on the calendar, coming every year and bearing the same name. As you have seen, the scheme is simple enough, and the execution of the same without any frills.

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Stone Nudes 2017 Naked Calendar (12 Photos)

At the age of 15 years old Californian Dean Fidelman became interested in rock climbing and photography. After 30 years, these passions led him to the creation of Stone Nudes project since 1999 producing an erotic calendar with stunning beauty of its primitive pictures of naked girls on the rocks. Dean calls Sam Stone Nudes photo project, designed to grasp and capture the very essence of the spirit of mountaineering. I present to you the new Stone Nudes calendar for 2017.

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Jungbauernkalender Austrian Naked Calendar 2017 (13 Photos)

The Austrian Association of Young Farmers Agro Communication GmbH has released another erotic calendar Jungbauernkalender. Release calendar implemented since 2001, as models traditionally favor boys and girls from Austria and Germany engaged in the agricultural sector. Calendar is designed to change the established notions about agriculture and to make peasant labor more attractive to young people.

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