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How is married life really (12 Photos)

Photographer Danielle Guenther tired of the usual family photo shoot, where all neatly dressed, combed, equally sweetly smiling and sitting in the middle of the unnatural poses unrealistically beautiful interiors. She decided it was time to show the family life without embellishment. And posted on her Facebook page a few frames. After that, parents inundated with requests to make it for them the same photo session.
We believe that this project is the most honest about the joys of parenthood lately.

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Men and dolls by Benita Marcussen (20 Photos)

«Are not you afraid?” – This was one of the first questions I asked when I started my project about men living with dolls. At first I just wanted to see how well made these dolls, but then I realized that this story can destroy some prejudices with which I was faced at the outset of the project. Six months later, I finally got into a “community of fans of dolls.” They had scheduled a secret meeting in Wales, and I hit the road. One of the first people I met were the parents of 55-year-old owner of the puppet Charlemagne. I was surprised how the elderly respond to the presence of this sex doll in their home. It was then that I realized that this story a few faces. Until I met six men. Two of them are married and have children. The two divorced after more than 13 years of marriage. One man threw his bride shortly before the wedding, and one never had a serious relationship with a woman. All of these men are different stories and reasons why they live with dolls. They are all different, but the similarities between them is still there – they say the dolls relieve the pain of loneliness. “

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Interesting story of a monkey who became a mother for the puppy (10 Photos)

In early January, the monkey from India was the foster mother for pup. The astonished locals saw as a mother protects her baby from stray dogs, even began to feed an unusual family. To everyone’s surprise, the first monkey feeding the puppy, and only after he eats leftovers.
“People who have seen them say a strong mutual affection, and described this relationship as the most touching in the world: Monkey takes care of a puppy, and protects him as a parent. Their infinite love gives us a valuable lesson about relationships,” – reported by the media.

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20 photos that will not leave anyone indifferent

People say that the picture can tell more than a thousand words. Random photos are always the most important, and minor moments are always the most valuable.

In this article Bos.so gathered impressive pictures taken by photographers in different parts of the globe. They are all different, but no one indifferent.


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15 Ideas To Take A Better Family Christmas Photo in 2016

If you want to remember for years to come all the funny details of family holidays, the best assistant for you in this case – the camera. To capture beautiful photos, not necessarily have on hand a photographer friend. Suffice it to think about a couple of original templates and convince all the little pose.

We decorate the Christmas tree

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