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Naked American Erotic by Damon Loble (21 Photos)

With the help of natural sunlight and the Swedish manufacturer of cameras Hasselblad, Damon achieves incredible results. Models entering the rays of the sun, literally glow from within. Yes, he uses a kind of retro-style photo. But did snapshots from this lose? They only add to the expression and emotion. At the moment, the photographer finally settled in Los Angeles, California, where he created most of the shots.

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Nude girls by Damon Loble (22 Photos)

“For me, the woman is beautiful when she’s smart, brilliant, fearless and shameless. I like the ones who know how to get out of your comfort zone and get his “, – says Damon Loble. Reverie, eroticism and the beauty of the female body – all this merged in photographs Loble, which are more like fragments of dreams in reality.

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