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Glamorous calendar with sexy girls WePhoto 2017 (13 Photos)

WePhoto – online community of photographers founded the Italian Mario Buncuga in March 2014. Several thousand members of this group are Web sites, magazines and make photo books, many of which are distributed in the network for free. This is the third year they prepare a few different naked calendars – one of them, Bos.so bring to your attention today. It is called Glamour, and is dedicated to female beauty or how it sees photographers WePhoto.

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WERKSTATTkultur Naked Calendar 2017 (13 Photos)

Every year, the German art group WERKSTATTkultur publishes a calendar, girls who are selected through an online vote held throughout most of the year. This calendar is not suitable for sale – officially receive the printed version of the paper can only premium customers Industry Group STAHLGRUBER Gruppe (all sponsors of the event), she gets as a Christmas gift.

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