Photographer takes emotional portraits of man’s best friend (10 Photos)

There are such things in the world, to talk about which not even worth it – so they are beautiful in themselves. Nature, seasons, sunsets, landscapes, animals you can admire the infinite, and the words here are not necessary.

Austrian photographer Anna Geyer gives all a terrific opportunity to enjoy all this at the same time. Her incredibly deep, soulful, soulful images of man’s best friends on the background of beautiful nature is literally breathtaking. No more words. Enjoy!


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15 illustrations the spirits of wild animals, made with pencils and markers

Kathy Lipscomb – a young talented artist from Alpharetta (GA), the purpose of which, according to her – being a good person and to give people the beauty of sharing with the world of his art. This, by the way, she quite good at it: see what wonderful pictures of wild animals go out of its pen. And the “Pen” is much more to the point than the word “brush”, which usually use when speaking of artists. After she creates these amazing pictures using … crayons and markers!

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This cafe homeless dogs are allowed to sleep in after the client’s expenses (3 Photos)

Sometimes circumstances are stronger than men. In Greece, since the beginning of the crisis, many owners were forced to give up their pets because they simply have nothing to support them. Sadly, the former pets are homeless and to their own devices. Fortunately, there are other people who are trying it all somehow balance. For example, owners of cafes Hott Spott on Lesbos doggies allows homeless to sleep in the room after the last visitors diverge.
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Skull with bonsai – the incredible work of art (8 Photos)

Memento mori – says well-known saying, reminding us that we are not eternal and that everyone has a stay in this world. An unusual way to recall an Australian company that came up with Jack of the Dust, creating Handmaiden plastic skull, created by the casts of real human skulls. To heighten the effect, they are decorated with bonsai, which is probably figuratively symbolizes rebirth after death.
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Germany looked like in the 1900s, before World War I (10 Photos)

Unfortunately, despite all the progress, the time machine yet no one has invented. But if you’re wondering how to look, say, Germany before World War I, is not looking for a time machine, but rather look at the photo album “Germany in the 1900s.” It entice you with its first pages!
Of course, color photographs at the time did not exist, but using a unique technology of rare black and white historical images were processed and reproduced in color.

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Amazing woman, Former 50 CENT, Daphne Joy (10 Photos)

Daphne Joy, besides the fact that she is a former girlfriend 50 CENT and mother of his child – it is also a so-called model of the new generation. She breaks instagram photos on the very brink of a foul, was withdrawn in specialized magazines such as Smooth Girl Magazine and KING Magazine, is trying to gain a foothold in all sorts of reality shows and cinema (had a role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”), at the same time acting in music videos rappers .
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Christmas incredible drawings on the windows (10 Photos)

British artist Tom Baker became known for his unusual hobby: he creates stunning pictures on the windows using the spray with artificial snow. His work was so pleased with the people that he soon began to receive a lot of orders, first from close friends, but even then, many organizations were asked to decorate their windows during the winter holidays.

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