Cars Elon Musk has owned (7 Photos)

Business Insider has examined the biography and an interview with the general director Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and put together a list of seven vehicles that were owned by well-known businessman (except cars Tesla). Editorial publishes gallery based material.

BMW 320i 1978 release. The car is future businessman bought in 1994 for $ 1,400

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Inside the cheap, tiny and beautiful homes of the future (14 Photos)

Cities are becoming more and more crowded, so architects and engineers come up with a unique home, which could help people to live in more remote areas. House of the future should be easy to assemble, and to move to a new location, while they need to be sufficiently autonomous and at the same time providing all the necessary amenities. So look inside some of the houses of the future

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Lightning Catatumbo, Venezuela (10 Photos)

A few centuries in a row in Venezuela, at one point going on a unique phenomenon. Over marshy plains near the river Catatumbo, hit by lightning. They are often referred to as a “beacon of Maracaibo” or Catatumbo Lightning.

Catatumbo Lightning (Spanish. Rel├ímpago del Catatumbo) – a natural phenomenon that occurs over the place where the river Catatumbo in Lake Maracaibo (South America). The phenomenon is expressed in the appearance of luminescence at about five kilometers without accompanying acoustic effects.

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Paintings on the books by St. Petersburg artist (13 Photos)

Artist Catherine Panikanova creates multilayered pictures on the pages of old books, lecture notes and textbooks. Masterpieces Catherine blur the boundaries between art forms such as painting, installation and collage.

Panikanova Catherine was born in St. Petersburg in 1975, he graduated from the School of Arts Hermitage Museum, now lives and works in Rome.

Today we’ll show you a series of works called Errata Corrige (translated as “work on the bugs’), where on the canvas old yellowed books and lecture notes Catherine recreates his most vivid childhood memories.

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The most important and emotional frames 2015 year by TIME magazine (20 Photos)

In 2015, TIME magazine sent reporters to Chechnya, Croatia, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, Syria, Turkey and Vietnam, not to mention the United States to talk about the most iconic events. Over and over again, sometimes in the most terrible conditions these people have proven the importance of photojournalism in times of rapid change and acute crises, moments of the most terrible losses and brightest successes. Now that 2015 is over, we have the opportunity to see the most important and emotional footage from around the world in a single collection.

Rally in support of Donald Trump, Sarasota, United States.

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