25 Hollywood celebrities turning 50 in 2016

Time inevitably hurtles forward, but it seems that about Hollywood celebrities is simply forgotten. Today we want to show you the stars of Hollywood, which this year will knock 50 years, and this age agree not small. Most of these famous people, very few people can give 50 years (of course, except those who read the title of the article), but has not done, of course, and without those podsdal position, but there’s nothing you can do about it, while there is time.

Halle Berry – August 14

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Knitted tattoos: The original idea for those who choose to do a tattoo (10 Photos)

If you love the original tattoo, the Turkish artist Eva Krbk just what you need. Eva came up with their own style, in which she has combined the art of tattooing and embroidery. Her soft and at the same time colorful creations inspired cross stitch is very beautiful and unusual look on the bodies of her clients. Whether in the trend, “our” get a tattoo!

Knitted_tattoos_The original_idea_for_those_who_choose_to_do_a_tattoo
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Breastfeeding Goddess by Ivette Ivens (15 Photos)

25-year-old mother of two children and a photographer Ivette Ivens created a project called “Breastfeeding Goddess”. With this series of beautiful and touching pictures of breastfeeding mothers Ivette wants to remind everyone that breastfeeding is normal.
“I have to feed my children wherever she wanted. Starting from the church and the Farmer’s Market and ending expensive designer shops. I believe that mothers should breastfeed their babies when they want it” – said Ivette.

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Zombie Mugs: well, very realistic mugs (15 Photos)

American ceramist Turkey Merck Pottery specializes in creating hyper-realistic sculptures. Recently, the sculptor presented to the public a collection of macabre mugs, the creation of which was inspired by the zombies, ghouls and other half-decayed monsters from horror movies. Each circle has a realistic and original design was made using the manual cutting, which explains their high cost. The artist also marked the value of the future series, assessing them $ 220 per mug

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