10 hottest Donald Trump girlfriends

There are a billion reasons why some of the hottest girls of the planet met a guy like Donald Trump. And we do not mean only money – although, hell would be enough only them. Trump has always been a confident leader, able to win over anyone. Politicians and major investors, billionaire and genius inventor is still considered a privilege of friendship with this odious Republican. With such layouts would be foolish to choose the girls are not first-tier – and Trump was not engaged than ever.

Victoria Zdrok
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Winners of Mobile Photography Awards 2015 (11 Photos)

The jury of the international competition of mobile photography Mobile Photography Awards announced the winners of 2015. Also, the jury selected the winners in two dozen categories. For example, in the category “Architecture” was the best recognized snapshot “Shadows of the Eiffel Tower” Vicki Kauchman, first place in the category “People” took the picture Andres Yepes “Colors Páramo” and “Countdown” David Ingram became the best black-and-white work of the competition.

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15 celebrities who lost their virginity with other celebrities

The first time – always a big deal. This is one of those moments in life that are remembered forever, and so it would be desirable that it was perfect. No matter, you are a guy or a girl, no one wants to spend wasted virginity. Many dream to do this for the first time with a star, but mere mortals it is rarely possible. But these 15 celebrities are lucky – or unlucky to their partners, depending which way you look.

Jordin Sparks – Jason Derulo
During the filming of the sixth season of the show “American Idol”, the future winner of the singing competition lost in the fight for innocence. Until the competition, she wore a purity ring, and vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. But here in her life appeared Jason Derulo, Sparks fell in love and gave up. She confirmed the rumors when the interviewer asked her why she stopped wearing the ring. Alas, the couple’s relationship came to an end shortly after the engagement.
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14 stars posing with younger versions of themselves

Sooner or later, every once in your life but remembers his youth. If you’ve ever searched for children’s photos, you probably wondered: “What would you say to the young themselves, it appear he’s next to me.” Perhaps you have already prepared the words of encouragement or warning, but let’s be honest – in this situation, you would probably just speechless. But the star, judging by this photo, great to get along with their counterparts from the past.

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Light and body: Rembrandt nudity (7 Photos)

Photographer Carla van de Puttelaar works and lives in Amsterdam. In 1996, she graduated from the prestigious Rietveld Academy. In her works, shows Carla personality bordering on intimacy and vulnerability. Puttelaar – a fan of cold light, which creates alienation and distancing in her work.
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