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Here are hot leaked photos of Iliza Shlesinger. Iliza Shlesinger is a comedian from USA.

At 34, it's weird to realize that yeah, aging is affecting me. Aging is okay. What isn't okay is excuses and what isn't okay is to work hard not smart. Working out 5 days a week but still eating whatever (it adds up. A late night pasta here, a Charleston Chew (I'm 80) there and garbage Dunkin Donuts coffee flavor every morning) I've found myself with a closet full of jeans that make me uncomfortable. What's hard is making genuinely healthy choices. Not "salad and fries" kind of healthy either. So today I start a 44 day dedication to eating clean. With the help of a Smokey Husky, I'm doing high protein, vegetables, fruit, whole grains- no sweeteners and no white flour. I'm not going to be the kind of feminist that sits here and says that looks don't matter. Do looks matter too much? Definitely. Are we a garbage society? We are a red hot dumpster fire. And in a perfect world, no one would have the power to make you feel less than.But this world is a trash can. I've said this before – I'm a privileged white woman- so no, I don't know the pain so many people go through just for daring to be themselves But, as a woman, I can relate to the exhaustion of constantly comparing yourself to others and always wanting to be better. This post is about that. I wanted to share it so I would be accountable to my fans, so I couldn't crap out at day 15 and be like "whatever, I look fine, CAKE!" I didn't have a malleable measuring tape so we used Christmas lights and then measured them.Thighs: at their widest part are23 1/4 inches and hips, 34 inches (hips not waist) I didn't post my weight because I don't own a scale, I've posted about it before and weight doesn't matter. This is me in my favorite jeans that, while aren't high rise, still don't look great and the zipper is like STRUGGLING to do its job. Yes, people will read this and "hate" yes men will comment on my body to be "funny" because their parents raised them wrong and they want to fuck me. But those people can go fuck themselves. I'm not afraid of you. I'm going to give it my all because I can't stand the idea of being helpless when I can help myself. DAY 1 IS TODAY! #christmaslightDiet

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In celebration of #nationalwomensday and in my never ending quest to make an example of my body, strengths and weaknesses… I want to show you how and why your body is always wrong while still being right. Athletic, thin or thick- these archetypes of beauty come in and out of fashion. You might be mad because you aren't as thin as you want or your butt isn't as big- but I promise you, 80% of the perception battle is angles, wardrobe and lighting. Pic 1 I look athletic, I did some crunches, held a pose and flexed. Am I in shape? Sure- but I still had to hold my breath for this pose. Pic 2, because I've covered up my heavier area and showcased my long neck, clavicle and didn't flex my arm, I look thin, not super skinny but on the thinner side. And pic 3, we can call "thick". I took it from a low angle to make it feel bigger, I let the light reflect off the curves and I wore a bra that, although IS my size, doesn't contain all of me because bras are a never ending battle for anyone with anything over a C cup. It's a wrong fit but society doesn't care about your comfort, they just want you to be falling out of your clothes. Anyway girls- in reality, I'm somewhere all 3 of these bodies converge. I'm 34, my metabolism is slowing down and without being a fitness model full time, even with going to the gym everyday and eating right, it's still hard to feel okay. The answer? Nothing is real but how you feel, so do what you can to feel good and just know that society is lying to you when they tell you your body is wrong. Girls tell me all the time that I have a great body and you know what? I still get a muffin top in a size 26 jean. #Feminism , for me, is about choices. And I choose to love my body… even if, at rest, I look like a women's Bantamweight fighter the day after weigh in. I'm a thin white girl, I can't imagine what it's like to be another color and told it isn't pretty or to be overweight and shamed. But even with being blonde and white and not fat, I go shopping and still leave feeling like I've done something wrong. And I know you do too. Today I'm choosing to tell the world, fuck your bullshit standards.

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