Condom machine decides whether you’re too drunk for lovin (8 Photos)

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In London pub Brass Monkey delivered the world’s first condom vending machine, which is activated only when it … blow. No, you do not think anything. Just machine gives condoms only to people whose breath analysis showed that the level of intoxication does not exceed the permissible level for driving.


Site for singles Match put a vending machine after a poll conducted by the site of lonely people showed that more than a third of respondents had never had sex with someone for the first time, being sober. 52% can not muster the courage to come and meet with someone if you do not drink a glass of Dutch courage. 38% can not undress in front of someone, if they are not drunk.


Finally, 4 of 10 cases of sexual intercourse took place just after alcohol.


On the machine, you can see the degree of intoxication wishing to indulge in amorous pleasures, “coma”, “drunk as a lord,” “very drunk” “drunk”, “tepid”, “screwy”, “merry”, “a little tipsy”, “sober “, “teetotal”.






Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here
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