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21 tank, captured the nature

Tanks for the first time went to the battlefields during the First World War, nearly 100 years ago. Not all of them survived the war and became exhibits in museums, many were broken, and have remained at their place of immobilization. Today, you’ll see a selection of armored fighting vehicles from around the world, captured the nature and resting in peace from the Japanese tanks during the Second World War in the jungle to Germany in Eastern Europe.

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18 frightening photos of the last centurys medicine

We have become accustomed to the fact that modern medicine has made incredible progress, our usual drugs and methods do not seem miracles. But in the old days doctors knew very little about the human body, and charlatans among them were many. Therefore, certain existing at the time of medical procedures were incredibly strange and painful. It should only be glad that we live in the XXI century, and we can enjoy the benefits of modern scientific achievements!

In psychiatric hospitals patients swaddled in a wet blanket to soothe

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