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Guy cooks a steak with an iron in his hotel room

Mike and I are going to be on the road for the next few weeks and wanted to keep making exciting videos for you guys to enjoy but we don’t have the same kind of kitchen access. So, in the good Brothers Green spirit we are getting funktastic with our hotel rooms and cooking crazy meals you wouldn’t expect to see in a hotel, simple, delicious yet wild and crazy.

Portraits revealing the ruthless beauty of dance (16 Photos)

Photographer Rick Guest in the project What Lies Beneath looks like behind the scenes, revealing the whole truth about what professional dancers costs of dedication. Artists known ballet schools in these photos are beautiful in their naturalness and images themselves open another, more severe beauty of the dancers.

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Before hanging (10 Photos)

In Iran, women are considered to be criminal offenses to 9 years. They can be sentenced to death by hanging for murder, drug trafficking and armed robbery. Iranian photographer Sadegh Suri made a series of pictures of girls in the harsh conditions of imprisonment. For most of them 18 years of age entails execution

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5 people with extra body parts

Each person is unique and has its own individual characteristics. But sometimes nature can play a cruel joke, and reward such a person “flavor”, which is sometimes difficult to hide from prying eyes, and who only complicate life.

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If world leaders were transformers (8 Photos)

Azerbaijani Gunduz Agayev artist, known for his satirical work on politically sensitive topics is back with a new series of illustrations, which modestly called “Transformers.” In this series of world leaders, including the Queen of England, the leader of North Korea and, of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich, appeared in the form of the Autobots.

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