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10 hottest girls MMA fighters

Beauty – really a terrible force. Especially if we are talking about one of the girls, each of which can boast not only a dazzling appearance, but also the courage of the soldier. Before you – the top 10 beauties who can stand up for their own honor.

Kyra Gracie
As many as five gold medals in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and ambitions that can strike anyone. Cyrus has not yet had time to make big names in MMA, but it’s going to change that unfortunate fact as early as next season.
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Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

It turns out that all that is necessary for high-quality shooting spectacular descent – your Iphone, strong thread and skill. Professional skier Nicolas Vuignier developed a special mounting system for smartphone and attaching it to the rope, began to spin around the head of a Iphone during the descent. No helicopters and drones, all brilliant – easy!

15 best photos of 2015 according to the GoPro

Millions of GoPro cameras all over the world travel with his extreme and not-so owners and imprint the most beautiful, atmospheric, exciting and cool moments of our wonderful life. Summing up the 2015 edition of delighted to present you with the 15 best pictures which prove that our planet is an amazing and diverse.

The best photo shot on GoPro, according to the company GoPro

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