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In the US, young teacher was arrested for an intimate relationship with a schoolgirl (11 Photos)

In the US, once again young teacher arrested for having sex with a teenager. List of teachers, those caught in the debauchery of minors, expanded 26-year-old geography teacher Kimberly Naquin, from high school Destreganin Louisiana.

Police learned that the teacher had an intimate relationship with a 16-year-old student, who said that she met with her teacher in her home, at home and even at school.

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Germany opened the first section of the 100-kilometer highway for cyclists (4 Photos)

Germany moved its famous autobahns to the next level by providing a separate high-speed road for cyclists. Construction of the 100-kilometer highway is actively promoted, and avid cyclists can already enjoy the first of its 5 kilometers. According to estimates, some two million people living in the area will be able to use the new route, bringing the number of cars on the road every day will decrease by 50,000.

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