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A world where beauty and wild animals live in harmony (18 Photos)

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates stunning images, which seem to come into our reality from children’s fairy tales and dreams. In the fantasy world of the author of the photo project quiet and restrained beauty live side by side with wild animals and predators in the midst of a forest thicket. In the view of photos of women and animals exist in perfect harmony.

In the frame of Catherine puts the fragile and delicate patterns with strong and formidable wild beasts. In her works play an important role and the muted colors and natural tones of girls clothes surrounding nature and the beauty and power of animals.

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Erotic calendar for real rock climbers (13 Photos)

At age 15, a Californian Dean Fidelman became interested in rock climbing and photography. After 30 years, these passions led him to create the project Stone Nudes, 1999 issuing an erotic calendar with its fascinating “primitive” the beauty of the photographs of naked girls (mostly) on the rocks. The photographer acknowledges that the event is unprofitable and he continued it mostly for the love of art. While looking at his stunning images, it is not clear – why … Here is a new calendar on Stone Nudes

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The beauty of patterns made of snow (10 Photos)

Artist Simon Beck every day puts on snowshoes and go wander unhurried pace of a snow-covered fields, the Swiss Alps or the endless beaches of New Zealand. As a result of many hours of walking are obtained in large-scale drawings. Their amazing feature – in 3D-effect, which is created when you look at pictures from a height. Before the creation of a masterpiece, Simon first creates a chart on the computer, and then outlines the guidelines on the ground.

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Awesome Dog Adventures (15 Photos)

This is Aspen, a Golden Retriever from Colorado who proves that not only are dogs man’s best friends, they also make the best travelling buddies.
Aspen lives in Colorado with Hunter Lawrence, his owner and personal photographer, and whether he’s kayaking, hiking, swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes or cruising around in a VW Camper, Aspen loves nothing more than getting back to nature. Except for posing for pictures that is.

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Lightning Catatumbo, Venezuela (10 Photos)

A few centuries in a row in Venezuela, at one point going on a unique phenomenon. Over marshy plains near the river Catatumbo, hit by lightning. They are often referred to as a “beacon of Maracaibo” or Catatumbo Lightning.

Catatumbo Lightning (Spanish. Relámpago del Catatumbo) – a natural phenomenon that occurs over the place where the river Catatumbo in Lake Maracaibo (South America). The phenomenon is expressed in the appearance of luminescence at about five kilometers without accompanying acoustic effects.

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20 photos in which nature is watching you

How often do you notice how much around us nature is beautiful to you? Certainly in the daily routine for such “trifles” it is simply not enough time. decided to rectify the situation and share with you a selection of amazing photographs. Their authors were able to catch the gaze of nature itself, namely animals that seem to look straight into the soul.

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15 Photos that are impossible to look indifferently

They say that photo can tell more than a thousand words. Random photos are always the most important, and minor moments are always the most valuable. In this article gathered impressive pictures taken by photographers in different parts of the globe. They are all different, but no one indifferent.

It looks like a flat tire in Alaska

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