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13 most erotic and minimalist designs of outdoor advertising

The secret of success of advertising billboards old school is restraint, the right combination of white and black, tenderness and aggression.
In this collection you will find the 13 samples of outdoor advertising in recent years, are united by two factors: 1) they are extremely erotic, and 2) you can see a lot less than you think.

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18 masterpieces of advertising safer sex

November 3, 1987 in order to promote “safe sex” and prevent the spread of the AIDS epidemic, the channel BBC BBC first showed commercial advertising condoms. From that moment on the international level, it began a serious social campaign aimed at informing people about how to protect themselves from the main “disease of the century.”

We picked the most vivid examples of advertising against AIDS.

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The guy showed how to develop his artistic skills from 2 to 28 years old (11 Photos)

When you look at a ready, well-executed design seems like the artist he was given very easily and was drawing talent from his childhood. But, like all other skills, talent for drawing, and then you need to develop a few years, you can become a great artist with a personal style, proper technique and knowledge of the proportions of the figure. Hong Kong artist Marc Allante showed how to develop his artistic skills, starting with two years of age and ending with the present day, when Mark was 28 years old.

2 years

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The unique beauty of people with freckles, which are kissed by the sun (15 Photos)

Each person is unique in their own way but the people who were born with freckles strewn may consider his appearance truly unique, because it is they kissed by the sun. Photographer from London Brock Elbank has decided to prepare for his upcoming very unusual way and photograph freckled 150 people by 2017. For Brock’s nothing new to do these portraits – in 2015 he made 90 shots of bright people with freckles. Photographer finds great luck that he managed to find so many people who, fortunately, are not ashamed of their unusual appearance and happy to help him prepare for the exhibition.

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8 Retro photos of the dashing cavalry skills

With high mobility and maneuverability, the cavalry in many battles played a crucial role. The ability to conduct independent operations in substantial isolation from his troops, overcome in a short time, long-distance, suddenly appearing on the flanks and in the rear of the enemy, quickly unfold to fight, to move from one practice to another, as in the horse and on foot provided cavalry opportunity successfully solve diverse problems.

Snapshot of the leading schools of cavalry in Italy Tor di Quinto. Photo 1906.

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25 Hollywood celebrities turning 50 in 2016

Time inevitably hurtles forward, but it seems that about Hollywood celebrities is simply forgotten. Today we want to show you the stars of Hollywood, which this year will knock 50 years, and this age agree not small. Most of these famous people, very few people can give 50 years (of course, except those who read the title of the article), but has not done, of course, and without those podsdal position, but there’s nothing you can do about it, while there is time.

Halle Berry – August 14

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