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People after one, two or three glasses of wine (15 Photos)

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti decided to personally make sure that the wine is incomprehensible changes the appearance of the people – and started a photo project called “Three glasses later.” According to the photographer, “The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem”. So they say, but whether the so-really?

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Winners of Mobile Photography Awards 2015 (11 Photos)

The jury of the international competition of mobile photography Mobile Photography Awards announced the winners of 2015. Also, the jury selected the winners in two dozen categories. For example, in the category “Architecture” was the best recognized snapshot “Shadows of the Eiffel Tower” Vicki Kauchman, first place in the category “People” took the picture Andres Yepes “Colors Páramo” and “Countdown” David Ingram became the best black-and-white work of the competition.

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15 most insane selfie, 2016

In pursuit of the adrenaline people go to extraordinary deeds. It seems that the same thing happens when someone wants to blow up their news feed on the social networks. People make these selfie clearly against photos in the style of “I and the monument”: Only hardcore!

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Luxury and Poverty By Joe Webb (20 Photos)

British artist Joe Webb creates his satirical collages manually, combining pictures he carves out of old magazines. In his collages, Joe brings together into one world of high fashion and luxury, poverty, wars and environmental disasters. In his powerful works, the artist reflects inequality, injustice, contradictions and paradoxes of the modern world that many eyes are invisible.

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How is married life really (12 Photos)

Photographer Danielle Guenther tired of the usual family photo shoot, where all neatly dressed, combed, equally sweetly smiling and sitting in the middle of the unnatural poses unrealistically beautiful interiors. She decided it was time to show the family life without embellishment. And posted on her Facebook page a few frames. After that, parents inundated with requests to make it for them the same photo session.
We believe that this project is the most honest about the joys of parenthood lately.

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