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Photographer takes emotional portraits of man’s best friend (10 Photos)

There are such things in the world, to talk about which not even worth it – so they are beautiful in themselves. Nature, seasons, sunsets, landscapes, animals you can admire the infinite, and the words here are not necessary.

Austrian photographer Anna Geyer gives all a terrific opportunity to enjoy all this at the same time. Her incredibly deep, soulful, soulful images of man’s best friends on the background of beautiful nature is literally breathtaking. No more words. Enjoy!


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This cafe homeless dogs are allowed to sleep in after the client’s expenses (3 Photos)

Sometimes circumstances are stronger than men. In Greece, since the beginning of the crisis, many owners were forced to give up their pets because they simply have nothing to support them. Sadly, the former pets are homeless and to their own devices. Fortunately, there are other people who are trying it all somehow balance. For example, owners of cafes Hott Spott on Lesbos doggies allows homeless to sleep in the room after the last visitors diverge.
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