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19 Bizzare Cats That Actually Love Water

All those who have cats, and even those who do not have, know that the worst enemy of a cat, of course, after the dog, it is water. Under any pretext, and under what conditions any normal average cat can not climb into the water, and certainly there will not splatter depicting bliss. But some cats there is a failure in the matrix and they just caught sight of the water happily take Bathrooms procedures, and even swim.

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Nature’s Photoshop – Venus the Two Face Cat (7 Photos + Video)

Meet Venus, a five-year-old tabby who’s become an internet sensation for her strikingly unusual appearance – half of her face is orange while the other is black!
The divide, right down the center of her face, seems too perfect to be true, so much so that you’ll be tempted to dismiss it as fake. It doesn’t help that her eyes are different of different colors as well, one green and the other blue. But on her website, Venus insists that she is 100 percent natural.

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