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Beautiful girl with her cats, which they sheltered (20 Photos)

You probably have heard the joke about the cat owner who called the strong and independent women from the fact that those guys supposedly prefer cats to forty of their home will be filled with cats, and they did not marry. Of course, all this is just a joke and the presence of the cat does not make you guys girls escape. Photographer Brianne Wills decided to show us a good-hearted women of New York, who sheltered homeless cats, making them members of their families.

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The one-eyed cat, surfing in Hawaii (8 Photos +1 Video)

One-eyed cat named Kali more than a year surf with hostesses Alexandra Gomez and Kristen Littleton in Honolulu, Hawaii. Girls took this homeless kitten from the street, then he weighed less than 500 grams. Cali was able to recover, but he still had to undergo an operation on the eye. During the rehabilitation of the cat bathed often, so he was used to, and even fell in love with the water. As early as six months of Kali began to ride the waves.

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The Amazing Cat Who Has Better Vacations Than You (10 Photos)

A 2-year-old Siberian cat, currently living in California with his hoomins, enjoys traveling more than you’d expect for a kitty. In fact, he enjoys it so much that his Instagram might make you jealous!
“He is an indoor only cat with the exception of leash time,” said his humans. “We started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks. He loves it! He still gets the outdoor experience and we get to share in all of his adventures!”
“He loves his leash! As soon as we pick it up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on. He is a travel bug.” So far he has visited 2 countries and 8 states. Gandalf’s owners are planning to move to New Zealand in 2016. The adventure is just beginning!
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