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What cars drive the Japanese themselves (18 Photos)

Japanese cars can be found in any part of the planet. But the Japanese themselves do not go to these: most of the models are made specifically for the West. Car have a very, very strange. A typical car in Japan looks like a refrigerator on wheels. Why it happened – try to understand.

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Cars Elon Musk has owned (7 Photos)

Business Insider has examined the biography and an interview with the general director Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and put together a list of seven vehicles that were owned by well-known businessman (except cars Tesla). Editorial publishes gallery based material.

BMW 320i 1978 release. The car is future businessman bought in 1994 for $ 1,400

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New Kia X-Car – amazing power (3 Photos)

The company KIA Motors, inspired by the film “X-Men” is a car based on the crossover KIA Sportage. This is the second generation of KIA X-CAR, and this time in partnership with 20th Century Fox was created by the car dedicated mystic character. Incredible ability to reincarnation fans of the movie “X-Men” in KIA cars first saw in Seoul, as part of the prestigious Australian Open tennis tournament in 2016, sponsored by traditionally made brand KIA.

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The new limousine for President of Russia (14 Photos)

At the inauguration of the president of Russia, which will be elected in 2018, the citizens will see a new presidential limousine. It is known how it will look and feel better than the “mega Cadillac” of Obama. Now, the Russian leader will go not to the special version of the Mercedes “Pulman”, a limousine Russian production – the so-called “project” Cortege “maximum security, armored, equipped with all kinds of communication.
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