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13 amazing tree houses in which everyone wants to live

Treehouse designed to bring us closer to nature. They seem to hark back to the days when people hunted, engaged in agriculture and living in harmony with nature, surrounded by lush, wild landscapes. They are associated with our childhood games and the best moments when you could sit on the branches of a giant, hoping to live forever.

Ecological houses, Denmark

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I want to Mexico (20 Photos)

Mexico need to see, taste and experience for yourself this motley mixture of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures.
The country is literally littered with ancient monuments mysterious civilizations of the Maya, Inca, Aztec, at sight of which even at a distance appear shivers. Be sure to see Mexico City – bordered by mountains, the third largest city in the world. And, of course, nature. Tropical forests, grasslands, mountains, underwater caves, volcanoes – which is just there, and the Yucatan peninsula – a real miracle of nature.

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I want to Romania (20 Photos)

Romania – one of the most mysterious and beautiful countries in Europe. Spirit of the Middle Ages permeated everything: from the ancient cobbled streets and ending with the mysterious forests.

This country affects the silent beauty of the Carpathians proud, beautiful frescoes of ancient Orthodox monasteries and magnificent medieval castles, one of which, according to legend, lived Count Dracula himself.

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10 most bizarre buildings in the world, which are being built right now

Modern architecture is truly fantastic and is clearly trying to bring the man to the stars. In this article you can see the buildings under construction – a sign that the future is already there, and it will be grand.

The scale is impressive!

Towers Cobra


Towers in the form of two intertwined Cobras solely responsible for the plans appear in Kuwait. Construction was planned to start in 2008, but due to the financial crisis, the project has been “frozen”. One of the most discussed issues of the project – to be built as an elevator, because of the spiral structure of a conventional lift is not set here. For the operation of lift experts suggested the use of technology that will run on compressed air on the principle of pneumatic tube.
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10 Masterpieces of Modern Architecture

The most original buildings created in the last few decades.
When Friedrich Schelling said: “Architecture – is frozen music”, he could hardly even suggest that in the XX and XXI centuries, saying it will add to the skepticism “frozen with terror” and “numb in a silent scream.” You can endlessly talk about modern architecture is in decline or rise, but still need to acknowledge that in the world there are many plants that are capable of one of its kind cause a storm of emotions. Some of them are created by architects from around the world, some – talented self-taught, some cause shock, surprise, the other – a smile, and others – admiration, the main thing – they leave no one indifferent

Green Citadel (Magdeburg, Germany, architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser)

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15 buildings that are ahead of their time

The modern architecture is striking: custom design, sharp edges, broken lines and glass, a lot of glass. Some buildings are so fantastic kind that seem scenery to films about the future, and in fact it is the usual urban structures: houses, shopping, cultural centers and educational institutions.

Cardedeu Church, Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador

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Moscow, 10 Christmas photos

Photographer Christine Makeyeva managed to show the real magic of the streets of Moscow. January 7, Christina spent Christmas Eve is not in the church, and among the stunning light installations in the city center.
Each image Christina – a bold vivid style, which is very organically combines sharp lines, the constant movement of people, blizzards and defocused festive elements of the city. The girl was able to capture the magic of the winter now!

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