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Solid Stones Turned Into Soft (10 Photos)

Spanish sculptor Jose Manuel Castro Lopez published pictures of his works, in which he masterfully stone arches matter. In his sculptures, created the illusion that the solid materials are soft and stringy.
The artist uses, primarily quartz and granite. According to the author, his works influenced by the magic of the stone rather than a desire to apply their creative skills and technical skills. According to Jose, in the region where he lives and works, there is an absolutely unique atmosphere and stones here – mythical.

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Kuwait ignores the oil crisis (37 Photos)

Kuwait – a small country on the Persian Gulf, where, however, holds about 9% of the world’s oil reserves. In fact, this is one piece of a large city and the desert. Nevertheless, the local dinar – is the most expensive currency in the world ($ 3 for 1 dinar). For me, it remained a mystery how the country entirely dependent on oil, quietly going through the current crisis.

In Kuwait, a high level of life and there is not easy to get a visa. Moreover, women traveling to the country without being accompanied by her husband, brother or children, the visa consistently denied. After the war with Iraq, the city was badly damaged, the situation in the country remained unstable and the Kuwaitis were afraid to invest in the development of the city. Now the situation is changing, the city is growing, and is already set up local outdo Dubai.

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Inside the cheap, tiny and beautiful homes of the future (14 Photos)

Cities are becoming more and more crowded, so architects and engineers come up with a unique home, which could help people to live in more remote areas. House of the future should be easy to assemble, and to move to a new location, while they need to be sufficiently autonomous and at the same time providing all the necessary amenities. So look inside some of the houses of the future

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