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Flora and fauna: the best photo reportage in 2015 (10 Photos)

In our post series “Flora and Fauna” we like to start publish photos like these reportage. And so at the beginning of the year the come prepared for you another gallery with the best photos taken in 2015: pets, birds, bears, tigers, elephants and rhinos.

Switzerland. Sheep are transported to pasture in the valleys after the summer grazing season in the Alps in the canton of Grisons.

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Animals Sniffing Flowers (10 Photos)

Flowers have the most alluring smell, and not only to the impressionable bees. We have made a list of photos that show animals enjoying a whiff or two from a petal or bloom. Kittens, nature’s cuddliest critters, look even better when they’re enjoying the sweet scents of flowers. Same goes for bunnies

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Very weird neighbors (9 Photos)

Recently, near us have settled quite unusual neighbors. And at first there were two, now there are about 12. They live here on this tree! Right at our balcony. Observed them for about a year …Surprisingly! This first time in 30 years.

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