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A world where beauty and wild animals live in harmony (18 Photos)

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates stunning images, which seem to come into our reality from children’s fairy tales and dreams. In the fantasy world of the author of the photo project quiet and restrained beauty live side by side with wild animals and predators in the midst of a forest thicket. In the view of photos of women and animals exist in perfect harmony.

In the frame of Catherine puts the fragile and delicate patterns with strong and formidable wild beasts. In her works play an important role and the muted colors and natural tones of girls clothes surrounding nature and the beauty and power of animals.

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Interesting story of a monkey who became a mother for the puppy (10 Photos)

In early January, the monkey from India was the foster mother for pup. The astonished locals saw as a mother protects her baby from stray dogs, even began to feed an unusual family. To everyone’s surprise, the first monkey feeding the puppy, and only after he eats leftovers.
“People who have seen them say a strong mutual affection, and described this relationship as the most touching in the world: Monkey takes care of a puppy, and protects him as a parent. Their infinite love gives us a valuable lesson about relationships,” – reported by the media.

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The best underwater photos 2015 (14 Photos)

Winners of underwater photography Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition 2015. The contest, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, now in its fifth year, attracting participants from more than 50 countries.

Introducing the best works of the photo contest.

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20 photos in which nature is watching you

How often do you notice how much around us nature is beautiful to you? Certainly in the daily routine for such “trifles” it is simply not enough time. decided to rectify the situation and share with you a selection of amazing photographs. Their authors were able to catch the gaze of nature itself, namely animals that seem to look straight into the soul.

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