Cars Elon Musk has owned (7 Photos)

Business Insider has examined the biography and an interview with the general director Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and put together a list of seven vehicles that were owned by well-known businessman (except cars Tesla). Editorial publishes gallery based material.

BMW 320i 1978 release. The car is future businessman bought in 1994 for $ 1,400


Jaguar E 1967 release. This car Elon Musk bought with the proceeds from the sale of his first company Zip2


McLaren F1. This car Elon Musk pitched touring together with co-founder Peter Thiel PayPal


Lotus Esprit. The car is of James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” businessman bought in 2013 at auction for $ 997,000


Audi Q7. According to the mask, it is this SUV brought him the idea to equip the Tesla Model X upward opening doors


Porsche 911. The 2012 edition of Forbes noticed a car in the house of the businessman


Hamann BMW M5


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