Batman vs time: what was Batman 50 years ago (12 Photos + 1 Video)

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Half a century ago, in 1966, debuted on American television series “Batman,” Adam West and Burt Ward starring. The series was based on a comic book company DC, it was issued a total of 120 episodes, where the main characters were himself Batman and Robin. In our time, the series 1960 is more like a parody than a movie by Christopher Nolan and others, however, it is recognized as a classic, and is still popular in the United States. Let’s see how well was the character of Batman in the classic version.


Actor Adam West as Batman.


On the left – the character of Superman, who played Bob Holiday, and the right – Batman Adam West.


During the filming of one of the episodes.


Unfortunately, even a hero like Batman, is not always ready to attack sharks.


For Batman can see the famous Batmobile, and his hands – Bet radio.


Batman and Milton Berle, who was one of the first superstars of television, he was even nicknamed “Mr. Television”. In the series “Batman” Milton Berle appeared several times as a guest star.


Basketball coach Red Auerbach and the four villains – Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin and The Joker.


Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. The actress was also the star of the cabaret, famous for his “purring” voice.


Actress Shelley Winters as Mothers Parker.


During the filming of one of the episodes of the series.


Batman uses Bet camera.


Trailer series “Batman” in 1966.

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here
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