5 people with extra body parts

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Each person is unique and has its own individual characteristics. But sometimes nature can play a cruel joke, and reward such a person “flavor”, which is sometimes difficult to hide from prying eyes, and who only complicate life.


1. A man with three legs
Georg Lippert was born in Germany in 1844. His extra limb was fully formed and, according to George himself, buildable up to fracture. Lippert was able to provide for themselves because of the money, “extra limbs.”


2. The Woman Who was Born with Two Vaginas
Hazel Jones always wondered why she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty. However, it wasn’t until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis; she has two vaginas.
The blonde 27-year-old woman from High Wycombe has the million-in-one condition called uterus didelphys, which means that she has two separate uteruses and cervixes.
Hazel went to the doctor after her long-term boyfriend told her that she was “different” in the genital area. Hazel says that she is comfortable with having the condition, despite the fact that she had to lose her virginity twice, essentially.


3. A man with two penises
In 2006, 24-year-old man from India was examined in a hospital in New Delhi and asked doctors to remove him a second term because he wanted to get married and lead a normal sex life. Doctor doing surgery, did not disclose the name of the patient. In medicine, a condition known as diphallia or duplication of the penis, is very rare. Currently, it recorded about a hundred known cases.


4. The Boy Who was Born with an Extra Strand of DNA

A two-year-old boy has become the only person in the world to be diagnosed with an extra strand in his DNA. Brave Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe disabilities, which led doctors to conduct various tests. They revealed that his seventh chromosome has an extra strand of material which has never been documented anywhere in the world before. Doctors are baffled at his condition, which is so rare that it does not have a name. They also have no idea whether his condition will improve or reduce his life expectancy.


5. “Two-Headed” child
25-year-old Brazilian Maria de Nazare said that she is carrying twins. But just before the birth ultrasound showed a very strange picture – in children one to two heart, lungs, liver and pelvis. It is noteworthy that the head and spine appeared certain. With cesarean strange child was born. At his birth weight by 4 kg. The birth took place in the Brazilian city of Anayyas. His children’s mother called Emmanuel and Jesus in honor of the religious holiday. Such a state, when a pair of conjoined twins are one body, called ditsefaliey. Doctors reported that she almost lost her mind at the sight of the two-headed son.


Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here
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