15 of the most incredible discoveries that people have found in their own homes

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A resident of Tennessee discovered this amazing collection of ancient coins in a safe, hidden in the attic


And these love letters written by a soldier during the First World War, found in the wall of a house


And the other inhabitants of the house found under the floorboards of about 4,000 archeological finds in the form of gaming pieces


This giant monopolies found the landlord when perestilat floor


And someone found in his house an old briefcase, which contained money, silver, video and gloomy a note to “save”


And the comic book, which is found in the wall of the house owners, went under the hammer for $ 175,000


Also in the wall one pair discovered 50-year-old safe. There were 51 thousand dollars in cash, an old bottle of bourbon and the book “The Guide for the Perplexed” of authorship EF Schumacher.


A resident of Utah found in his basement a few bags full of money, and returned to their owner.


And this figure of Faberge, which he ordered Nicholas II, who found in the attic of a house in New York. Later, it was sold at auction for $ 5.2 million


Meanwhile, someone discovered in his basement a box of ammunition


And someone in the attic 40 years stood popcorn


Another homeowner discovered in the basement of a full-fledged kitchen for servants


But a resident of Norway, found in the attic of an original painting by Van Gogh


And under the floorboards of the house the couple hid medieval well


Finally, the family, which is found under your house ancient frescoes and engravings Mayan


Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here
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