10 ways to turn children’s cartoon breakfast on a plate (10 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie “cooked” from fritters. Ears, paws, legs, eyes, nose and mouth drawn with chocolate. Road – cucumbers and salad leaves, clouds – cottage cheese, sun – from the orange ball – pear.

Cut slices of persimmon “haircut”, mix the soft cheese with a bit of raspberry jam and make the face Carlson, lay just below the white part of the pants. Hands cut kiwi, banks – pear and raspberry jam. Stickers on the bank made from pears. Strawberry – the propeller and a chocolate cookie in the shape of sticks – shoes, as well as shelves for jars of jam. The face is made of grated chocolate, mouth – Strawberry. Carlson sits on the bench of the cereal bar.

Shaun the sheep
Ingredients: flowers – broccoli and egg yolk, grass – asparagus, sun – carrot, clouds – egg white, very Shaun the Sheep – rice and Nuri.

Minion- shaped pancake, decorated with cream cheese (pants, eye) and chocolate sauce, eyes – sugar beads, the mouth – piece of strawberry. As for the blue dye pants use a few drops of red cabbage juice. Palma – from a piece of toast, spread with “Nutella”, kiwi, banana; Stairs – Cookies “Straw”; sand – from the children’s jelly with mango; the sun – from Mandarin.

Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena (old russian cartoons)
Cheburashka – buckwheat porridge and cheese, sun – from scrambled eggs, Crocodile Gena made from bread, cheese and cucumber tree – arugula, land – from the beans.

Avocado cut with a knife to clean the vegetables and lay the foundation of the picture. As the trail and take a tree trunk cakes pasta leaves of the trees – Kiwi. As the branches and use herbs fennel and pomegranate seeds will tulips. From cheese making clouds. Cut the peel of an apple and plum small parts and give them volume using cocoa, sprinkled with where necessary.

Christmas bear
The body bears forming of boiled brown and white rice. Red pepper (steamed) use for hats, mittens and boots. Yellow pepper – Ski. From cottage cheese, sprinkle with a little cottage cheese, do hill. Sticks – straw tipped with boiled pasta in the form of shells. Trees on the hill – broccoli. Snowflakes make of long-grain rice.

Peppa Pig
Pig head consists of bread and ham, and ham legs, arms and tail; Dress and mouth – pepper; boots and eyes – of the cheese; the eyes are made of nori. Lausitz carved from cheddar cheese.

New Year
Frame – butter and cheese, stars and the moon – Gouda cheese. Christmas tree: the basis – of mashed broccoli and spinach with potatoes, needles – dill (it a little, but by a green tree appears fluffy bases), Toys – grenades barrel – almonds, Star – sweet pepper. Gifts – peppers, seaweed, pomegranate. Snow – steamed basmati rice. Santa Claus is carved from white bread. His coat – red peppers, buttons and eyes – wild rice. Pompons and flap hats – egg white. Boots – seaweed and grenades, a bag – a lettuce leaf. Beard – Fig.

Again, Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh is prepared from millet porridge with milk and pumpkin puree, blouse – red apple, bees wings – raisins, grass – green apple, flowers – mandarin. Strips of bees and muzzle Winnie the Pooh made of nori.


Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here
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