10 Movies with Real Sex Scenes That Will Turn You On

If you want to watch something hot and exciting, you go to your favorite porn website and enjoy watching other people have all possible kinds of sex. However, some erotic scenes from conventional movies can sometimes catch you off guard and impress even more than a porn video. Well, you know how steamy scenes are filmed – they are staged and often done by stuntmen. Yet, they always add some piquancy to the movie. At the same time, some directors want their actors to have real sex in front of the cameras to make sure it looks extremely plausible on the screen. Guys behind https://datingbrides.com/ made up a list of movies featuring genuine sex scenes. Be ready to rewind.

Love (2015)
This movie is replete with realistic sex scenes. Perhaps, because it’s about love – a complicated and at the same time simple feeling. Two young women and a man are experiencing different sides of love. They experiment making love. They do it throughout this beautiful erotic drama so you can fully enjoy their love.

9 Songs (2004)
What is this movie about? Probably, The Guardian described it most precisely: “the most sexually explicit film in the history of British cinema.” He is a scientist, she is an exchange student. United by the love for music, they meet at a rock concert. In a nutshell, the film is an alternation of music sounds and sex sounds. There are real scenes of oral sex and ejaculation.

The Brown Bunny (2003)
If you want to know the storyline, the film is about a motorcyclist who is on the road to somewhere. He’s plunged into his thoughts about one woman from his past. You can skip a good part of the film and watch the final scene when Chloe Sevigny (Daisy) gives Vincent Gallo (Bud) a beejay. For the time of shootings, actors were lovers in real life.

Shortbus (2006)
This is the case when the director, John Cameron, not only makes actors have real sex in front of the camera lenses but also joins in himself. A true fact: the director and the cameraman worked naked in order to make actors feel more relaxed while shooting bedroom scenes. John Cameron guarantees all orgasms in the film were real.

Anatomy of Hell (2004)
An erotic film directed by a woman. Women are always better at figuring out the essence of intimacy and sexuality, and this film is about exploration. The lead character is the desperate woman who hires a gay man (played by a real porn star Rocco Siffredi) to help her explore her sexuality.

Intimacy (2001)
From all the information you can find in the description of the film, there is one fact that must interest you most. The fact is that it contains a real blow-job scene. The final sex scene will astound you with its intensity.

Caligula (1979)
Want something hard-core? Then watch this erotic historical drama film. Initially conceived as a political satire, it ended up being a pornographic drama after numerous editions made by the film producer Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse magazine. No wonder, it’s full of unsimulated sex.

Nuit #1 (2001)
The story starts with a one-night stand. Two people make love and you can be sure that’s for real. This movie is good to watch together with your girlfriend as the first part is about sex, and the second part is about the relationship.

Ken Park (2002)
The film is about relations between children and parents. It’s the main theme. What the children do when their parents don’t see them forms the erotic line of the movie. Teenagers are involved in love affairs, sex, masturbation, group sex and other naughty things depicted in close-up.

Nymphomaniac (2013)
The title is very promising. Joe, a self-diagnosed nympho, tells the story of her life going into details. She recalls all her sexual experiences and you can witness them. Lars von Trier, the director of the film, is famous for resorting to sex scenes, and he notices the actors in advance about possible sexual acts on camera.

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